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ASI Sentinel
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Location Area & Highlights

Mixed-use developments like The Sentinel are in short supply and are becoming increasingly pervasive due to shifting demand for urban living that incorporates all aspects of  “live, work, play.”

This Development, located on the intersection of 17th Avenue and 14th Street SW, is in one of the most valuable and highly sought after commercial, retail, and residential markets due to the area demographics, location profile, and arterial access.  In the last five years alone, 17th Avenue has broken records for both revenue and price per square foot achieved through sale and appraisal.

Development Highlights

Located at the west end of the Red Mile across from our ASI Scotia Block Building and directly adjacent to the affluent communities of Scarboro and Mount Royal and gentrified communities of Sunalta, Bankview and Killarney, this development consists of a 24 storey, approximately 309,000 square feet of mixed use commercial retail with a desired main floor urban grocer along with unique small bay Commercial Retail Units. 

Floor 2  of the development will consist of highly desirable boutique retail/ commercial  space  for a combined total of approximately 59,000 square feet. The remaining floors, 3-24, will comprise of an integrated residential rental tower which will own a spectacular view to the downtown skyline at the heart of the SW retail corridor. The tower will accommodate over 345 rental units along with 400 parking stalls.

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Ralph Bennetsen

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